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Friday, March 18, 2011


This week I’ve made it to a much higher percentage of classes than I did last week.  I’ve only missed one, so you can be proud of me for that.  Even though by physically missing class, I’m not actually missing much of anything, I still should attend.

Last night we attended a pool party at a hotel in Accra.  Well…we sort of worked at it.  We know the owner and a lot of the staff, so Claudio asked us if we would help out at his event.  Our job?  To wear their logo shirts and have fun.  Sure, we’ll help out.  We also got roped into serving drinks and such, which isn’t a big deal at all.  One of the managers asked me and one other friend to serve a few football players.  We had to wait for them to sit down, so we walked back to the bar.  Claudio, the owner, pulled Natalie into the pool (it’s a swim-up bar).  The manager grabbed my arm and told me not to go in after her.  I said I wouldn’t, but it wasn’t up to me…Claudio grabbed me from behind as the manager was holding my arm…Claudio won that fight and into the pool I went.  She was not very happy with me!  But since I’m not really an employee, it wasn’t an issue. 

Rewind to before I entered the pool involuntarily.  My brother’s college friend is in Accra for work for 3 months.  I finally got to meet up with her last night at the party!  It was awesome to get to talk and hang out with her and her roommate.  We might start running with the running club they’ve joined since being here.

That’s my life this week! Today, I think I’m going to go see baby sea turtles…:)

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