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Friday, February 4, 2011

"Your World is About to Change"

“Your world is about to change” an ad for a new cell phone network billboard declares: the topic of my first conversation with Jason, one of the Americans we met at reggae night on Labadi beach.  Jason and J.M. are here in Ghana with business growth opportunities.  J.M. also has a more personal connection to Ghana: his birth mom lives here.  Blissfully reunited at last, the two men can continue their business here until they return home.  But, back to the billboard… the changing started off with the heat, then everything else followed suit.  I’ve pretty much given up on trying to look somewhat decent for the next 4 months.  I’ve also given up on my digestive system functioning normally for the next 4 months.

I finally have my permanent room and roommate.  Thelma moved into our room and brought with her more Ghanaian-ness.  She’s a sweetheart, but she’s very different from me.  Very quiet and reserved, Thelma goes to bed early and gets up early.  She likes to play gospel music on her radio when she gets up at 5:30, which is such a treat for sleeping Miriam.  I guess I’m just used to Jacquie, who is basically me in another body and is the easiest person to live with.  I have to remember that people do things differently in this country.  I think Thelma thinks that it’s pretty funny that we take precautions against mosquitoes.  She laughed when she asked me if I was on anti-malarial prophylaxis and I said yes.  “You whites are so scared of them!”

Also (side note for my mom) Thelma told me I was a neat person (physically).  She said she assumed all whites were messy and disorganized.  She’s really neat and always has her bed made and stuff like that, but I just thought I would throw that in for my mom: that someone in this world thinks I’m not messy.

We had an ISEP meeting today to talk about some ‘housekeeping’ issues and to direct our interest toward a few organizations that we can volunteer for while we’re here.  I was particularly interested to talk to Michael who works for Global Civic Preservation Organization (GCP).  GCP is a non-profit org that does a lot of outreach work for children, as well as adults.  They take kids off of the streets and educate them so they can eventually place them in mainstream schools.  They help families get medication they need.  And once I meet with him, I will know more about what I’ll be doing with them.  I’m excited.

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