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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oh, Life...

I was excited to come here and un-complicate my life.  That’s all good in theory, until realizing that it’s not about location or escaping at all.  It’s about you.  Well…me, that is.  The longer your life, the more ties, relationships, events, and essentially, complications there will be.  Its’ not something to get away from.  It’s all a part of this huge process that molds and shapes us.  Some things never change, and some things never stay the same.  It’s such a beautiful mess that is so hard to grasp even the closest edges that I don’t often think about it.  But when I do, it hits like a bowling ball to the shin.  Forever can be so many things.  It’s always changing.  (for Jers and Roz, “Embrace it!”)

Fun fact about Ghana:
People don’t appreciate pets here.  They might have them, but they don’t really have them for enjoyment like we do in the states.  They don’t feed them ‘dog food’.  They just get leftover table scraps.  They more or less would have a dog or something to protect the house.


  1. Miriam just reading this blog is amazing already!! It sounds like you're already learning a lot and experiencing something that most of us will never have the chance to. Thank you for the random facts by the way! :-) We all miss you here and think of you often! Your writing is incredible so keep it up. We'll talk to you soon!
    Love, Chelsea!

  2. I love you Mir! "Embrace it" is the best piece of advice I've gotten all year! Keep on following it!

    Miss you soooo much!
    Love, Roz :)