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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Liam Neeson

Boarded the plane to Toronto. Liam Neeson is sitting across the aisle from me.  Okay, so it’s not actually him, just his civilian look-a-like, but I pretended it was actually him.  Anyway… we exchanged glances a few times.  Going through customs in Canada, he needed to borrow a pen.  Not to worry Liam, I was all over it.  He didn’t realize that the pen actually belonged to me and not the airport.  I walked away and let him keep it. 

There was a small child aboard who decided to be “that kid” who couldn’t stop crying.  I gave up my seat and moved so that the family could have my row for more room.  Didn’t matter though, kid still kept crying.  Poor child.

Toronto airport:

Boring. I’m legal in this country, so I had a drink while I had five whole hours to sit and do nothing.  Stranger from across the bar pulled up a chair next to me after about 20 minutes.  I’m alone on this trip, and a strange 30 something sets off my warning flags, but hey, we’re in public, what’s the worst that could happen? (Sorry mom.)  He turned out to be pretty okay.  From Canada, he was headed to Cancun for business for a few days.  (What a hard job…Cancun.) The most common question asked in airports is, “Where you headed?” So upon his prompting, I answered, “Uh, Africa.” 
“Wow,” he answered.  “What for?”
I explained my situation, and he seemed to think that was pretty cool.  Come to find out, he’s driven through Lewiston before.  What a small world.  We had beer together.  When in Canada, right?

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